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December 16 2015


How you can Paint Wine Glasses

the perfect night out

Painting wine glasses is really quite easy. This is a project which is possible to complete in a few hours from start to finish. So, should you entertain frequently otherwise you may need an instant gift, this is the perfect idea.

Paint night

Choose whatever kind of glass you would want to paint. The wine glass seems to be the most used, but base it on what sort of drinks you and the guest will like to consume. I recommend finding cheap glassware to begin with. You'll be able to progress towards the pricier versions when you get more experience. If one makes an oversight, remember it washes off and you might start again!

Right off the bat you have to do is wash your glass and swab them back with rubbing alcohol. Try to avoid touching it at this time, just as much as is achievable while you are painting it. It's a great idea to have the design planned before you begin. If you're not a freehand painter, you may use carbon paper or similar products available at your local craft store, to transfer the structure to the glass.

Once you complete the painting of your respective glass, you must let the piece to air dry not less than 1 hour prior to baking it. Please refer to the instructions in your paint to confirm the correct timeframe. There are a few paints that require 24 hours of drying time prior to baking. You will need to follow these instructions. Bubbling with the paint could happen if baked ahead of the paint has cured the right amount of time. You do not need your piece to be ruined after you have worked so difficult on the project.

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Always put your glass pieces into a cold oven after which set out to preheat it. If your pieces are finished baking, allowed them to cool-down completely just before removing through the oven. These steps are essential to stop breakage.

Typically, you will either be required to preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the glassware for 1/2 and hour, or 300 degrees and bake it for 35 minutes. Every type of paint varies and it is important to read the instructions before baking your pieces.

After you have completed these steps you could start employing your glasses. They may be dishwasher safe if positioned on the most notable rack of the dishwasher. It is recommended that they be washed manually to preserve their design. Which is up to you!

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